Good to Excelente

Culture, at its core, is a collection of habits. Habits of thought. Habits of behavior. As leaders, it is challenging to change behavior on the job when we do not understand what is driving those behaviors in the first place. GOOD TO EXCELENTE provides an actionable framework for embracing Hispanic cultural differences to improve productivity, safety, retention, and sales.  

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Construction ESL

Custom-built for the construction industry, Red Angle's Construction ESL—English as a Second Language—Program is designed for English-speaking construction pros to help their Spanish-speaking colleagues learn relevant English language skills on the job, once per week in under one hour.

Safety Spanish

Your jobsite is bilingual. Bienvenidos. In Safety Spanish, you'll get the essential skills you need to communicate effectively on the job. We removed all the annoying BS from high school Spanish that (as you suspected at the time) isn't necessary. Also unlike high school Spanish, we made this content 100% relevant for construction and fun to read. Go figure. Each chapter is short, entertaining, and memorable. 

Spanish Twins

In English and Spanish there are words that appear to be long-lost siblings, or as I call them, Spanish Twins. They are nearly identical or nearly the same from language to language. The great thing about these words is that they already exist in your day-to-day conversations on the jobsite. As you’ll see in this book, these Twins are the building blocks to learning Spanish and becoming a better manager and leader.