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Overcoming the language barrier is a challenge. 

Heads are nodding and you think (hope!) instructions have been understood. Yet, hours later you learn the work was done incorrectly, partially, or not at all. The result is confusion, frustration, and rework.

Does this sound familiar? Interested in doing something about it?


Construction ESL will help you teach your Spanish-speaking colleagues how to speak English, improving communication and productivity on the job every day. Choose to be part of the solution. Here’s how it works. 

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common questions

Do I have to know Spanish to be able to teach someone English? 

No. Experts agree the best way for someone to learn a new language is to immerse themselves in that new language as much as possible. Speaking Spanish to a Spanish-speaker won’t help them learn English. 


How long will these training sessions take?

30-59 minutes per week is all that is recommended for this ESL program. 


Is teaching ESL difficult? 

Life-changing skills are rarely easy to teach, but we’ll guide you through the process to make sure you are confident before scheduling your first session. You can also schedule coaching sessions with Red Angle. Teaching someone to speak another language will not only change their life, it will also change yours.


Can I watch an ESL Mentor training video?

Absolutely. See the video below. This is the first of six training videos designed to prepare our English-speaking leaders who wish to help their Spanish-speaking colleagues. Once an ESL Mentor purchases the program—one book is purchased for the ESL Mentor and one for each Spanish-speaking student—we contact the Mentor, enroll him/her in the program, and send the training videos one at a time prior to the program start, delivered directly to the Mentor's email inbox. 

We know you're busy. We make it way to get started.   



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