“Every now and then, I come across consultants who catch my attention because they just think differently than everyone else. Bradley Hartmann sees the world in a way most don’t and his style is unorthodox to a purpose: he brings superior insights, an intriguing and entertaining communication style and an offbeat (yet very professional) use of humor to business challenges.”

— Ian Heller :: President at Modern Distribution Management


AT RED ANGLE, OUR DIFFERENTIATION lies in our depth of understanding of both the U.S. and Hispanic cultures as well as the Spanish language and their interplay on construction projects. This allows us to offer a unique perspective on your challenges and to creatively develop actionable solutions with measurable results.

General contractors, subcontractors, and construction retailers turn to Red Angle when challenged with leading the Hispanic demographic in one or more of the three following areas:

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RETENTION: how Red Angle helps 

  • Improve retention among Hispanic craft workers

  • Implement a culturally-intelligent Hispanic recruiting plan

  • Upgrade online application process to make referrals easier

  • Articulate a meaningful career development path for Hispanics

  • Engage Hispanic workers to improve front-line communication

  • Enable positive word of mouth among Hispanics online and off

  • Incentivize Hispanic workers in culturally-intelligent methods


SAFETY: how Red Angle helps 

  • Ensure safety training is understand and embraced

  • Update safety training to be culturally relevant

  • Enable leaders to develop trust across language gaps

  • Enhance leaders' Cultural IQ to influence effectively

  • Improve accountability regardless of language preference

  • Integrate literacy evaluations during on-boarding process

  • Educate Spanish-speakers to become fluent in Safety inglés

  • Educate English-speakers to become fluent in Safety Spanish


PRODUCTIVITY: how Red Angle helps 

  • Improve communication to reduce frequency of rework

  • Improve communication to reduce wait times

  • Improve communication to minimize need for translators

  • Overcome the "head-nod" as a gesture for clarity

  • Ensure core processes are understood

  • Incorporate culturally-intelligent designs for key processes

  • Educate through construction-specific ESL training

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