Good to Excelente 


Habits of thought. Habits of behavior. 

As leaders, it is challenging to change behavior on the job when we do not understand what is driving those behaviors in the first place. GOOD TO EXCELENTE provides an actionable framework for embracing Hispanic cultural differences to improve leadership and profitability. 

Excellent book on cultural awareness. I highly recommend it. It's an easy read and will make you a better leader. ”

— Chuck Stobbie :: Chief Marketing Officer at 3M


Leadership is determined by Followership—the deliberate act of choosing to be led by another. Without trust, leadership is not possible.

Leadership then, becomes an on-going process of building trust through What You Do (driven by your awareness of culture) and What You Say (driven by your awareness of language). Extending your team's leadership capabilities to the Hispanic workforce is increasingly important as competitive forces continue to erode your profit margins. 

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Based on these two broad leadership assets—Awareness of Culture and the Spanish Language—GOOD TO EXCELENTE delivers six insightful, entertaining, and actionable chapters to advance your Hispanic leadership capabilities from good to excelente.

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