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Injuries. Rework. Delays. Frustration.   

We know it's frustrating and costly to have frequent miscommunication between English and Spanish-speakers on the job. However, learning about farm animals and fruit from Rosetta Stone isn't the answer, right?    

Welcome to Red Angle, the leader in construction-specific language training that is relevant, entertaining, and brief.      

“Overall, I have learned more in 3 weeks than I did in years of high school Spanish. Our crew reviews the videos and book together in the mornings as a group. It really drives the engagement.”

— Sean Lynch :: Vice President at HB Construction

Good to Excelente is an excellent book on cultural awareness. I highly recommend it. It's an easy read and will make you a better leader.”

— Chuck Stobbie :: Vice President of Marketing at 3M

“I give you a purple ribbon for your approach. I have enjoyed these past 6 weeks. As a learning manager, it has been a fun ride on the El Camino!”

— Jeff Fischer :: District Learning Manager at Kiewit

“I was able to take away more from this program than I did during my three years of high school Spanish. It was simply entertaining and very engaging.”

— Jazzlyn Baines :: Purdue University CM student