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Injuries. Rework. Delays. High turnover.    

How do your leaders effectively change behaviors on the job when they are unaware of what drives those behaviors in the first place?   

It's not about cultural sensitivity—it's about cultural intelligence. Here's how you work smarter—not harder—to lead everyone on your projects better.  

“Kroeschell has been working with Red Angle for years and it’s a great partnership. Their language training is helpful and unique. They updated all of our training materials to share online.”

— Dave Stavropoulos :: Vice President at Kroeschell

“Your workshop went over exceptionally well. The most used adjective? Engaging. That was great to hear given the complicated nature of the material for most of our attendees—culture and a second language.”

— Matteo Cerasoli :: District Manager at Sherwin-Williams

Bradley was an electric keynote speaker to our 1,000+ Conference attendees this year. He left us encouraged and challenged, and we are better now for having learned from him.”

— Jenna Duett :: Senior Marketing Manager at CertaPro