Red Angle workshops are customized to meet your specific objectives and measured to ensure a return on your investment of time, attention, and capital.

Far from the hit-&-run training method that lacks a coherent plan to reinforce and remind your busy team once the workshop ends, every Red Angle workshop includes a Before-During-After methodology. 

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“Your session went over exceptionally well with the group. The most used adjective? Engaging. That's great to hear, particularly given the complicated nature of the material for most of our attendees: Culture and a second language.”

— Matteo Cerasoli :: District Manager at Sherwin-Williams

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Listed below are Red Angle's most popular workshop topics. Depending on your goals and objectives, topics can be merged and customized for your team.

GOOD TO EXCELENTE WORKSHOP Based on Bradley Hartmann's latest book, Good to Excelente: How the best companies embrace Hispanic cultural differences to improve productivity, safety, retention and sales, the leadership and linguistic principles are brought to life to move your organization from good . . . to excelente.     

CONSTRUCTION SPANISH The Spanish language is now the dominant language on the job site and no one underestimates the importance of clear communication in construction. Despite widespread failure within our educational system to make learning a second language simple and entertaining, Hartmann does just that. He brings relevant language skills to life in a way that is memorable and fun.      

LEADING AND MANAGING MILLENNIALS In partnership with Purdue University and the University of Denver, Bradley Hartmann led an intergenerational, industry-specific study to evaluate how each generation views themselves—and views the other generations. The results and recommendations will entertain and enlighten, enabling your multigenerational team to collaborate more effectively.

THE CHANGING FACE OF CONSTRUCTION In this engaging and interactive workshop, attendees will learn immediately applicable leadership and communication strategies for the two fastest growing demographics on the jobsite: Millennials and Hispanics.

LEADING BEYOND BIASES—UNCONSCIOUS OR OTHERWISE Human beings are bias-making machines. We all have and employ them—consciously and subconsciously—as we navigate our busy lives. The challenge is becoming aware of our personal biases and understanding if those biases affect our ability to lead. In this engaging and entertaining workshop, Hartmann combines candor and humor to help attendees know themselves better in order to better lead others.    

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